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Scalp Micropigmentation lends itself particularly well to women for a number of reasons. But the main one is because of its ability for creating density. Traditionally, when a woman begins to show the devastating signs of baldness, it tends to involve hair loss from the crown zones or in patches. The eventual result is often a gradual separation of the parting, & frequently, an overall loss of density. Because the actual hairline often remains intact, SMP can be administered as shading, which provides the illusion of volume to the existing, yet thinning head of hair.

We understand that Scalp Micropigmentation is a unique procedure for each female requiring treatment. Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, it calls for a particularly humane and compassionate approach. Using methods that are tantamount to tattooing, SMP is an exceptional solution for density loss and treatments are administered using solely natural pigments alongside a precise technical ability. It’s this natural and holistic process coupled with permanency that deems SMP the solution to restoring hair lines. But Scalp Micropigmentation is more than that as it also works towards the reconstruction of confidence and self-esteem.

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It’s a huge error to believe that hair loss is solely a disorder that affects men. Nearly half the population of American women suffer from visible hair loss & there’s a noticeable silence on the subject. The psychological impact attached to these disorders is complex for females. A woman’s hair is an extension of inner herself. It represents youth and vitality and expresses femininity. Unfortunately, women do suffer from hair loss and we’re not shoving the matter into the back room. For us, it’s not got a label of of taboo. Because, quite frankly, that would be nothing short of a crying shame.

Thinning or balding is when there is an excess of hair loss from your scalp. In women, this happens for a number of reasons, and are often associated with genetics, age and hormones. The most well-known type of hair loss in women is female pattern baldness. However, patch baldness is an additional common disorder, particularly post-partum. No matter the cause, we know it’s distressing, but we also know it’s why Scalp Micropigmentation can be a decidedly welcomed inclusion in a woman’s life.

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Scalp Micropigmentation is an innovative and revolutionary procedure that is now assisting women across the globe. In combat against female hair loss, it’s rapidly making a strong and influential household name owing to it’s cast iron results. Working perfectly as a restoration solution for female pattern baldness and loss of volume, or density, women are now turning to Scalp Micropigmentation as their chosen permanent aesthetics procedure.

Also known as SMP, the procedure is similar to tattooing. Specially formulated natural pigments are implanted into the scalp at the secondary Epidermis level. They’re inserted into the skin using a microneedle to create a series of tiny dots. These pigments are then trapped underneath the skin providing an indelible marking, offering an illusion of hair follicles. It’s these imitation hair follicles that, in turn, produce an appearance of density to a thinning head of hair. Taking care to work alongside an individuals skin type and coloring the results are not only breathtaking they’re also permanent, low maintenance and instant.