Meet the artist

Owner Huber saw the perfect opportunity to help people from within the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. Confidence is inevitably lost for both men and women when the affects of hair loss start to become evident, and by learning how to treat this with Scalp Micropigmentation he had found the tool required to make people suffering from hair loss feel good once again.

With a background in the hair industry and experience in line ups only compliments one of the hardest tasks of SMP. In addition to the experience in the hair industry he has certifications from some of the best SMP practitioners in the US from California all the way to Maryland. This is built on a thirst for knowledge and ambitions to be the best and to do that you have to learn from the best.

The overall goal for him is to be amongst the leaders in the industry, to be the best in their region and to further their work by teaching and educating other practitioners.